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How to Excite and Engage Visitors at Your Trade Show Booth

Written by Lauren Stickler on Mar 9, 2018 11:44:46 AM

Static trade show displays are a thing of the past. An interactive trade show booth experience is where it's at. That means building elements of engagement into your booth design.

As a smart consumer, you probably do your research and comparison shopping online. Your potential customers do the same. Whether they're buying a new car for the family or investing in new software or technology for their business, the information they need is a few keystrokes away.

So when these business decision-makers with purchasing power show up at your booth at a conference or trade show, they don't want to read a product brochure, they want to experience that product, service or technology first-hand.

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How To Crush Your 2018 Trade Show Marketing Goals

Written by Lauren Stickler on Dec 14, 2017 3:40:52 PM

As the New Year approaches, list making becomes as popular a national pasttime as watching football or hockey. But, whether you're developing a trade show marketing plan for your company or making your own personal bucket list, if you want to reach the goal, the same rules apply. 

1. Know where you want to go so you can advance in that direction.

Keep your list clear and concise. A long, vague list of goals is nothing more than a wish list.  A trade show marketing planning checklist is a valuable tool to get you started in your goal-making process.

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Insider Tips on How to Score Big at Top Boston Trade Shows

Written by Lauren Stickler on Nov 22, 2017 11:44:07 AM

The Boston Celtics' current 16-game winning streak is epic, but it has not been a smooth ride. Some of those games have been real nail-biters, where players had to make split-second decisions and scramble to come back from behind for the win. 

Likewise, exhibit managers have to jump through a lot of hoops, like choosing the right trade shows to exhibit at, selecting an exhibit partner to design their  custom trade show display, meeting trade show deadlines and creating a memorable giveaway item to offer attendees. These are among the myriad decisions that exhibitors have to make every day to ensure a win on the trade show floor.

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