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How To Know When To Revive That Boring Trade Show Exhibit

Written by Lauren Stickler on Aug 8, 2017 12:41:23 PM

Let's face it. Nothing lasts forever. As much as I'm convinced that I'm going to drive my 2004 Toyota Highlander until the wheels fall off, somewhere down the road I will need to upgrade to a new vehicle. The same is true for that outdated trade show exhibit your business has been shipping or lugging from show to show for the past 10 years. 

Here are 5 tips to help you determine if it's time to upgrade your trade show display or if refurbishing your existing exhibit or renting a  booth is the right choice for you to elevate your brand. 

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How to Create Bold Trade Show Booths on a Budget

Written by Lauren Stickler on Jul 5, 2017 2:10:13 PM

Are you spending a fortune shipping and storing your current trade show booths and want to find something lighter, easier to set up and more cost effective? Today's portable trade show displays are a viable solution. 

Tension fabric displays have been spreading across trade show floors faster than dandelions invading my lawn in spring. The reason? 

According to San Jose-based market research publisher, Global Industry Analysts, Inc., in its January 2015 Global Strategic Business Report on textile printing, "Soft signage, referring to printing of display graphics onto textile substrates, has been gaining prominence in recent times, due primarily to  their easy storage, transportation and assembly, along with their recyclability."

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3 Smart Reasons to Choose a Trade Show Display Rental for Your Next Event

Written by Lauren Stickler on Jun 12, 2017 5:22:25 PM


After years of home ownership and a geographical change I've decided to rent this time around.  I'm bombarded daily on my phone with email alerts from the many apartment rental sites I've visited online in the last couple of months.

Although being a homeowner had its benefits, it also had its share of expenses and responsibilities, like lawn care, snow removal and home repairs, to name a few. I'm looking forward to the freedom and flexibility that renting will bring in terms of time and money.

I'm blown away by the wide range of choices, prices and amenities that are now available in rental properties, from the budget-friendly postage stamp size units with no frills to spacious luxury apartment homes with 10-foot ceilings, washer/dryer, private balconies, granite counters, stainless steel appliances and solid wood flooring. Some rental communities feature fitness centers with on-demand virtual group fitness classes, movie theatres, putting greens and business centers complete with access to laptops, free wifi and coffee bar and snacks.

 Is Renting Right for You?

Likewise, the wide array of trade show display rental choices available from popups to island exhibits to custom double deck exhibit rentals has mushroomed with increased demand as companies seek more flexible and innovative approaches to exhibiting that will maximize their trade show marketing dollars.  

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The Secret to Designing a Killer Trade Show Display Booth

Written by Lauren Stickler on May 25, 2017 1:52:16 PM


Zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. That's the acceleration time of the 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Convertible. I was lucky enough to spot one of these beauties and snap a picture recently while passing through Claremont, NH, on my way up to a friend's cabin in Vermont.

It is one of those rare finds, like the time I heard a loud knocking sound outside my front door while living in Mississippi,  and I stepped out to see a huge bird about 18 inches tall with a flaming red crest, a pileated woodpecker, hammering away at the big red maple tree in my front yard.

In both cases I was mesmerized by what I saw, lingering as long as I could, absorbing every detail of the experience. Later, I felt compelled to go online and learn more about that beautifully designed car and magnificent-looking bird.

Start Your Engines 

If you want your trade show display booth to stop visitors in their tracks like that Shelby Cobra, the key is to understand the basics of exhibit design.

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12 Steps to Trade Show Marketing Success That Most Exhibitors Miss

Written by Lauren Stickler on May 16, 2017 10:54:29 AM


Transitions.  I've survived and thrived through some real doozies over the years in my work and personal life and I suspect that you have too.  And yet, why is it that whenever the change comes, even when I see it coming, it seems to sneak up on me like an ocean wave and knock me off my feet? 

An Opportunity for Growth

"Think of it as a growth opportunity," my friend said when I was going through a particularly painful transition in my life. It was the trifecta of loss and change: divorce, job loss and death of a parent.

At some level I knew all three changes were coming: my ex and I had grown apart, my workplace was undergoing a massive reorganization and my mom's illness was progressing. And yet when these changes came, one after the other, like crashing waves, I had no clearly formulated plan on how I would proceed.

Similarly, you may experience signposts along the way of shifts coming in your company or organization. What are these? How are  you preparing to meet these challenges and help your business succeed? One way is to have a watertight plan in place to follow so that when change aka "growth opportunity" comes knocking at your door you'll be ready.

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6 Ways the Best Trade Show Booths Attract New Prospects

Written by Lauren Stickler on Apr 18, 2017 12:03:17 PM

Spring is a time of renewal and growth.  It's also a perfect time to review your show strategy for creating one of the best trade show booths for 2017. One sure-fire way to spotlight your brand and increase traffic to your trade show booth is to add a hanging fabric structure.  Also consider the benefits of expanding your booth size or selecting new flooring. If you didn't budget for it this quarter, renting is always an option.


Convergent Dental's 20' x 20' exhibit with hanging fabric structure commanded a strong presence on the trade show floor during the Greater NY Dental Meeting held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Increasing the footprint of the exhibit and adding new flooring to support its interactive workstations further enhanced the experience for visitors to the booth. Creators of Solea, the first CO2 dental laser cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue dentistry, Convergent Dental uses interactive technology and demo stations in its trade show booth to educate professionals about its product's capabilities. Large monitors display educational videos that engage and retain booth visitors waiting their turn to sit at one of the hands-on demo stations.

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Booths and Banners, and Blogs, Oh My!

Written by Lauren Stickler on Mar 30, 2017 2:20:20 PM


Hello and welcome to the new IDEC Displays blog! Here's where you'll learn about the latest trends in custom trade show booth design and technology. You'll also find the hottest display products, the best booth games, and the coolest social media and event marketing strategies out there. My goal is to share information here that will help you to attract, educate and engage the visitors to your trade show booths and leave a lasting impression that will turn them into leads. 

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